3 House (Submission, Verdict: 5)

Threadless.com Submission - 3 HOUSE Wow, the detail in this design is simply amazing. (Is that a tiny moped I see?) It deserves a five just for the obvious time that went into its illustration and coloring. Although it was submitted for the Blik Loves Threadless competition (and would certainly look great as wall decals... I can image that you could creature your own little tree-house scenes), it still works wonderfully as a stand-alone design. Kudos to the artist, this is some quality art. By the way, if you plan to order any decals off the Blik website, make sure to use the code THREADLESS during checkout. It will take 15% off on your Blik order and can be used up until June 1st. That also happens to be the last day of the competition, so get crackin' if you haven't already submitted your own designs. Verdict: 5 (View Submission) Submit Yours | Competition Details | Current Submissions

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