A Day In Tibet (Submission, Verdict: 5)

Threadless.com Submission - A Day In Tibet (resub) I had a hard time finding a submission that I even remotely liked and was worth my time to review. (Which makes me wonder: am I suddenly becoming more jaded, or is it true that this week has been witness to a downpour of awful designs?) But rather than focus on the negative, I'd like to bring a refreshingly terrific design to your attention. In fact, I think I'll give Chris' three-tiered system a try. A Day In Tibet (resub), by Ellsswhere
  • Originality: 4.5 (to my knowledge, Tibet is a fairly uncommon subject.)
  • Execution/Artwork: 4.7 (the interesting style and excellent color choices work in tandem to successfully convey a tranquil mood.)
  • Wearability: 4.2 (it would appeal most to those with Buddhist or Tibetan roots, but asian designs are reasonably popular so I could see a lot of people wearing this.)
I guess rounded up, that would make this design a five. But I think from now on I'll stick to my gut feelings for scoring since once you start breaking a design down in such a manner, it's tempting to go all the way and include even more specific categories. Verdict: 5 (View Submission)


  1. Ciani said,

    April 15, 2006 @ 4:18 am

    It’s funny, because I actually thought this design was really dull when I saw it! ;) Good review, though :)

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