Alphabet Coup (Submission, Verdict: 5 + Would Buy)

Threadless.com Submission - Alphabet Coup This design is a fantastic example of the strength of a brilliant title. While it's true that a title may have little or no bearing on whether or not the design is chosen, a great title that makes me chuckle can be enough to sway me one way or another. Alphabet Coup by Ste7en is a fantastic design featuring a pithy, mocking bowl of alphabet soup. It's not so much a warning as it's an eventuality—whether you choose to eat it or not, your next bite's it. The message is an ironic, cruel courtesy. It's a shirt that somehow manages to build up suspense. Through soup. The colors and illustration are fantastic as well, and I'm really digging on it as a whole. Even better is the fact that it would do well on Asphalt or any other relatively dark colored shirt as a base (for the love of God, please not "heather grey," though). I really love this design. Verdict: 5 + Would Buy (View Submission)


  1. Ste7en said,

    February 16, 2006 @ 8:05 am

    Hey, thanks for the kind words

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